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Welcome to Gnathos. We are a leading facial surgery clinic offering a full range of services for patients with injuries, diseases or abnormalities affecting the face, jaws, mouth, head and neck.

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What is Maxillofacial Surgery?

Maxillofacila surgery is also called facial surgery, facio maxillary surgery, or simply face mouth and jaw surgery. Facial surgery is an exclusive surgical specialty dealing with several problems of face mouth and jaw.

Fractured facial bones, swelling and infection of face and jaws cosmetic surgeries, undiagnosed facial pain and jaw pains can all be treated in maxillofacial surgery.

Why Maxillofacial Surgery?

Face is a dynamic part of our body. It performs several vital functions like seeing, talking, breathing, chewing etc. The entire harmony of the face and its function depend on the dental occlusion i.e contact between upper and lower teeth. Any procedure of jaw face and mouth should be performed keeping in view the actual position of the teeth. As maxillofacial surgeons we are trained with complete structure and functions of face along with dental occlusion and jaw position.

Many times surgical procedures of face fail due to derangement of occlusion and jaw position during surgery. Our knowledge of dental occlusion will help you recover quickly after any surgery of face, mouth and jawretain function and esthetics.

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Temporomandibular joint is unique joint as it always functions in pair. Unlike other joints of our body a holistic approach to treat and we at GNATHOS are all equipped to provide a holistic treatment for all jaw joint issues.

Facial injuries can be readily identified if there is bleeding from mouth, nose or face. But sometimes the injury may not be obvious immediately. In any accident, be it road traffic accident or simple fall in your house, face is the common area to be injured.

We have four wisdom teeth or third molars. Two in the upper jaw and two in the lower jaw. Wisdom teeth usually start erupting after 18 yrs of age. Since they erupt after completion of jaw growth, they usually don’t have sufficient place to erupt.

Why Gnathos?

At GNATHOS saving and shaping faces is of great reverence. We are here to deliver complete ,advanced care for all problems faced by your face.

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It is not an exaggeration to say that I have been treated by one of the best dental surgeons. From providing Care to containing Patience to answer my questions and to giving Courage and Assurance and Comfort, Dr. Suresh Sir has done an excellent job. People think that surgery causes pain but it depends on the doctor and his expertise. Suresh Sir has profound expertise in making a surgery totally and almost completely a painless one. I am very happy to be treated by Dr. Suresh Sir and the entire team is very friendly. I would highly recommend to consult Dr. Suresh Sir.
- priya Bhogineni
Kudos and many thanks to Dr Suresh. Was looking for more than 5 stars as the Dr deserves more stars. Very clear and transparent discussion since day 1. Had an awesome experience. The Dr explains both orally and in writing the complete treatment/ procedure which he prescribes with minute details for better understanding of the patient. Best part is he is all ears to his patients. Very apt and clear fundamentals. You may get feared not becoz Dr intends to do so, but becoz of a patients wants to know the treatment/ procedure in details.
- Aditya Bajoria
Dr. Navatha was very professional in her work while performing the interventional procedure for my mother. She was very empathetic and took all care to keep the patient comfortable throughout the procedure. Very disciplined, courteous and approachable. Best wishes to you Doc!.
- akila ganesh

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