Restoring Proper Teeth Alignment After Facial Injury Treatment Options

Restoring Proper Teeth Alignment After Facial Injury: Treatment Options

Proper teeth alignment is a must for a beautiful smile. It becomes more important when facial injuries occur since facial injuries can often damage the alignment of the teeth, significantly impacting both appearance and teeth functioning. Though not always life-threatening except when there is severe bleeding, they can be severe and impact breathing, vision, or facial movement. Hence, promptly seeking a professional maxillofacial surgeon’s assistance is crucial to prevent complications that can impact the quality of your life.

Have you suffered severe facial injuries and are looking for a solution that will revive your beautiful smile and proper teeth alignment? No worries—we have got your back! In this blog, we will discuss the best treatment options for facial injuries that promise optimal outcomes. Keep scrolling until the end.  First, we will discuss the types and causes of facial injuries and the complications they can cause if untreated.

Common Causes of Facial Injuries

Common Causes of Facial Injuries

Facial injuries can result from various incidents, such as motor vehicle accidents, road rage, or sports injuries. It can cause severe pain, loss of function, and even disfigurement due to changes in teeth alignment. Facial trauma can be severe and include soft tissue injuries, facial fractures, and jaw dislocations. 

Here are the common types of facial injuries:

  • Sports-related injuries: A hard impact in contact sports or a fall in gymnastics or cheerleading can cause facial trauma.
  • Car accident: Despite advancements in airbag technology, car accidents remain a leading cause of facial trauma. 
  • Slip and fall: A slip and fall can lead to oral and facial fractures or injuries.
  • Work-related injuries: A severe fall on the job, being hit with construction equipment, and injuries from workplace debris are common causes of facial trauma.
  • Interpersonal violence/assault: Assault, including domestic violence and mugging, can cause severe facial injuries.

Types of Facial Injuries or Trauma Affecting Dental Alignment

Facial trauma can cause severe fractures, dislocations, or knocked-out teeth, leading to dental misalignment requiring specific treatments to restore function. Here, we’ve listed types of facial injuries or trauma that can damage the alignment of your teeth, including- 

  1. Tooth and Mouth, or Dentoalveolar, Injuries
    Dental injuries can occur when the teeth or the bones are damaged. Examples include dislodged or broken teeth and avulsion, where one or more teeth have been knocked out of the jaw socket. Getting immediate treatment to prevent long-term damage is essential, such as preserving, replacing, or repositioning teeth and the affected bones.

    Treatment may require using titanium plates, screws, and wire arch bars to stabilize teeth and fractured segments. Depending on the severity, bone grafts and dental implants may also be necessary.

  2. Soft Tissue Injuries
    Soft tissue injuries include inter-oral lacerations (within the mouth), superficial lacerations (on the skin), and burns. Immediate care is necessary to assess the injury’s severity, prevent permanent cosmetic damage, and restore function and sensation in the affected area. Surgical sutures can be used to treat soft tissue injuries.

  3. Facial (Maxillary) Fractures
    Maxillary injuries occur around your lower or upper jaws, the orbit of the eye, the nasal cavity, and the cheekbone. Maxillary fractures can cause swelling around the area and threaten airways, and the impact can also separate facial bones from cranial bones. 

The treatment of facial fractures depends on various issues, such as the location and severity of the fracture, associated damage, age, and overall health of the patient. Facial bones cannot be treated with a cast, unlike other broken bones. Therefore, the treatment methods for facial fractures may involve surgical procedures that stabilize the fracture site using temporary jaw wiring, small plates, and screws. The treatment’s main focus is restoring normal function and appearance, promoting bone unity and alignment, and preventing infections.

Effects of Facial Trauma on Oral Structures and Overall Health:

Facial trauma can trigger some possible complications in oral structure and overall health, which can significantly affect your quality of life, such as 

  • Sudden bleeding 
  • Uneven face structure 
  • Facial infection in the area around the jaws
  • Weakness or numbness 
  • Loss of vision 

Get Dental occlusion For Proper Facial Alignment

Get Dental Occlusion For Proper Facial Alignment

Facial trauma will not only make your face look uneven, but it can also significantly affect your confidence levels and mental health condition. Undergoing dental occlusion from an experienced maxillofacial surgeon will help you to have a healthy facial recovery. Dental occlusion involves aligning teeth and jaws during severe facial trauma cases. Facial bone fracture treatment requires accurate identification of occlusion surface indicators on teeth. 

Why Gnathos Facial For Treating Teeth Alignment After Facial Injuries?

When restoring teeth alignment after facial injuries, selecting the right healthcare provider to achieve optimal outcomes is crucial. Gnathos Facial is a top choice for comprehensive treatment and expert care in this specialized area. Let’s explore why Gnathos Facial is the preferred option for addressing teeth alignment issues following facial trauma.

  • Specialized Expertise in Maxillofacial Surgery:
    Gnathos Facial has a team of skilled maxillofacial surgeons specializing in facial injuries and related issues. 
  • Advanced Diagnostic and Treatment Techniques:
    With state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and personalized treatment plans, Gnathos Facial provides accurate assessments and care for each patient.
  • Comprehensive Approach to Treatment:
    Gnathos Facial takes a comprehensive approach to treating teeth alignment issues after facial injuries. They consider the dental aspect, overall facial aesthetics, and functional harmony.
  • Patient-Centered Care and Support:
    Patients are the top priority at Gnathos Facial, and we strive to have open communication and compassionate care throughout the treatment.


Facial injuries can cause teeth to misalign, negatively impacting oral health and appearance. If neglected, they can cause severe complications that may impact your vision, breathing, or appearance. To regain proper alignment and function, you must seek professional evaluation and treatment from a qualified maxillofacial surgeon. 

For facial injuries it is better to always consult a Maxillofacial surgeon. As most hospitals don’t have a Maxillofacial surgeon, they are managed by a plastic surgeon, which causes severe problems in restoration of facial esthetics and functional problems of chewing

With the help of expert maxillofacial surgeons with many years of experience, like those at Gnathos Facial, you can regain your confidence in your smile and overall oral health after suffering a facial injury.

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