Jaw infections predominantly occur due to infections arising from teeth and gums. Infections of the jaws spread to the cheek, neck, and other areas of the face.

Jaw cysts are generally asymptomatic and grow slowly and so many times are found on routine radiographic or clinical examination.

Human beings have two jaws – maxilla( upper jaw) and mandible ( lower jaw). upper jaw is fixed while lower jaw helps in opening and closing of mouth with the help of jaw joint called temporomandibular joint.

In any accident, be it road traffic accident or simple fall in your house, face is the common area to be injured.

Benign jaw tumors are not cancers, but they can be aggressive and destroy the affected bone and tissues causing disfigurement of face, difficulty in functions like chewing, talking, opening mouth.

We have four wisdom teeth or third molars . Two in the upper jaw and two in the lower jaw. Wisdom teeth usually start erupting after 18 yrs of age.

The position of our jaw bone dictates our facial profile. Forwardly placed jaws or backwardly placed jaws, disproportionate sizes of upper and lower jaw often results in an unesthetic facial profile.

Upper and lower jaws are the most important parts of our face both functionally and cosmetically. Losing a part or complete
jaw due to tumors, cancers or infection makes life difficult. 

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