Benign Jaw Tumors

Benign jaw tumors are not cancers, but they can be aggressive and destroy the affected bone and tissues causing disfigurement of face, difficulty in functions like chewing, talking, opening mouth. In cases of extensive bone destruction loss of teeth becomes inevitable. It is very difficult to identify them in the initial stages as they are asymptomatic and could be found incidentally on routine clinical or x ray examination. Treatment of benign jaw tumors should be planned meticulously right from diagnosis to complete post operative rehabilitation, everything should be properly done.




Surgical planning depends on the extent and type of tumor. Tumors with chances of recurrence are treated aggressively with through knowledge of the dynamics of the jaw and teeth, maxillofacial surgeons can operate with greater precision and better post op rehabilitation.


Resection of tumors would result in the loss of teeth or a part of jaw bone. Complete post op rehabilitation with reconstruction of jaw and replacement of lost teeth can be done during or few months after tumor removal depending on the type of tumor.

Myths about jaw tumors:

01. Beningn jaw tumors are cancers!

No, benign tumors are not cancers.

02. All benign tumors reccur!

No, all benign tumors don’t recur. How ever few tumors which might show recurrence can be managed well by closely monitoring after removal.

03. Benign jaw tumor excision leaves an ugly scar on face!

Definitely not. Most of the jaw tumors can be surgically removed from within the mouth , thus avoiding skin incisions. If some large tumors require extraoral incisions for better access, scar can be avoided by placing the incisions in the skin folds thus preventing ugly scars.

04. Tumors can be treatd with medication alone!

Absolutely not. Tumors should be removed surgically . They will not respond to medicines at all.

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In case of small tumors eating will not be an issue. Larger tumors which result in loss of teeth will need replacement to ensure comfortable chewing.

Yes, mouth opening will be good.

No, meticulous pre surgical planning will reduce post surgical hospital stay and complications.

The resected tumor will be sent for microscopic examination to know the type of tumor. We will inform you if there is any chances of recurrence.

Frequent clinical follow ups and periodic x ray and CT scan will help us check for recurrence.

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