Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Beauty is skin deep. Yes it is.

A pleasing facial profile is a pre requisite for a beautiful or handsome you. The position of our jaw bone dictates our facial profile. Forwardly placed jaws or backwardly placed jaws, disproportionate sizes of upper and lower jaw often results in an unesthetic facial profile.

Orthognathic surgery or jaw correction surgeries help improve facial profile in a most scientific and risk and pain free procedure. This surgery involves repositioning of your facial profile. As the entire surgery is performed from within the mouth. Absolutely no scars will be seen on face.

On the other side of coin, these jaw correction or orthognathic surgeries are also performed to improve certain functions like chewing food, completely prusing lips, snoring, mouth breathing etc.

Forwardly placed jaws

Upper and lower jaw are sometimes forwardly placed. We call this bimaxillary protrusion.


Backwardly placed jaws

Small or backwardly placed lower jaw is called retrognathic mandible.


Backwardly placed upper jaw

This is called retrognathic maxilla.


Large lower jaw

This is called prognathic mandible.


Why Jaw correction surgery?


Orthognathic surgery or jaw correction surgery is a scientific, well planned surgical procedure. The entire surgery is done from within the mouth without leaving any scar on the face or neck. Virtual computer planning promotes a more accurate analysis of facial deformity and preoperative planning. The postoperative recovery is good and quick.

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When there is large mismatch between the position of jaws in relation to one another unesthetic facial profile, appearance of gums while smiling , upper teeth not seen while smiling are cosmetic reasons for jaw correction.

Difficulty in biting food with front teeth due to unequal jaw sizes, strain on temporomandibular joint or jaw joint, snoring due to small lower jaw, mouth breathing due to big upper jaw are functional reasons for jaw correction or orthognathic surgery.

Meticulous pre operative analysis with virtual computer planning , CT scans and x rays is done simultaneously or as a second surgery depending on the requirement.

No, there will not be any relapse as the jaws are fixed rigidly with plates and screws in the new position.

No, we use titanium plates and screws which are biocompatible and well accepted by our body. Infection of these plates is very rare.

Depending on the severity of malalignment some time additional procedure like chin augmentation , lip lengthening may be required. They are done simultaneously or as a second surgery depending on the necessity.

Orthognathic surgeries are done under general anesthesia in operation theatre with good infrastructure. A thorough pre-anesthetic evaluation is mandatory before surgery.

Yes you will. But due to change in jaw position, teeth will not meet in their original position so there will be some discomfort for few days.

Orthognathic or jaw correction surgery should be done after jaw growth is completed at around 18 yrs and above.

Get evaluated by maxillofacial surgeon if you are apprehensive about your facial profile.

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