Jaw Cysts

Cyst is a pouch filled with fluid that can develop anywhere in the body and jaws are no exception. Jaw cysts are non cancerous in nature and grow at the expense of the jaw bone.

Jaw cysts are generally asymptomatic and grow slowly and so many times are found on routine radiographic or clinical examination. Cysts can arise both in the upper and lower jaw, under the tongue or in the cheek.



All cysts should be treated surgically. The cyst contents and lining should be removed and sent for microscopic examination to understand the nature of cyst. When required in case of large cysts the cyst cavity will be filled with bone chips to enhance bone formation after surgery.

Myths about cyst treatments:

01. it heals with medicines

No, it doesn’t heal with medication alone. Cyst lining and fluids should be completely removed surgically.

02. Jaw cysts are cancers

No, Jaw Cysts are definitely not cancers. But they should be treated meticulously because, they destroy a large amount of bone thus causing fracture of jaw bone and loss of teeth.

03. Treatment of jaw cysts is life threatening.

Definitely not. Surgical treatment of jaw cysts is absolutely safe procedure.

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There are different kids of jaw cysts . But only a few have chances of recurrence. Patients diagnosed with such cysts need to be under close monitoring to check for any recurrences. Reccurent cysts when diagnosed early have good chances of recovery.

There is no such definitive predilection. But cysts associated with wisdom teeth are more common in the age group of 20 to 30 yrs. Children also may develop cysts.

Yes, it is absolutely safe surgery. And complications are rare when done under aseptic conditions .

In case of large cysts , there are chance of fracture either before surgery, during or after surgery. These fractures can however be fixed and treated without further complications.

Bone usually forms completely in 6 months time. Serial x rays will help you’ll understand the bone formation. Large cystic cavities are filled with bone chips to accelerate bone formation .