Reconstructive Surgery

Upper and lower jaws are the most important parts of our face both functionally and cosmetically. Losing a part or complete
jaw due to tumors, cancers or infection makes life difficult. Reconstruction of that lost jaw to bring back shape of your face
and functions like chewing , talking etc is quite challenging but still possible.

Problems associated with missing jaw:

How to replace missing jaw?

The most important aspect of replacing jaw involves replacing the missing teeth. Because teeth are very important for chewing food and speech . there are several ways to reconstruct jaw. The earlier methods of reconstruction with
bone graft is no longer a viable option since bone graft does not have its own blood supply. So dental rehabilitation is impossible.

In the recent times microvascular reconstruction of the jaw bones or jaw reconstruction with patient specific titatnium implants are gaining popularity as both can help in dental rehabilitation.

  1. Microvascular reconstruction of jaw bones:
    Missing jaw bone can be reconstructed by bone taken from patients leg along with its blood supply. The advantage of this procedure is that the new jaw bone has its own blood supply and it is vital. This makes placement of dental implants and dental rehabilitation possible.
  2. Jaw reconstruction with patient specific implants:
    Patient specific implants are made of titanium. They are strong and bio compatible. The advantage of these implants is simpler surgical procedure, lesser complications. The shape and function of the jaw can be rehabilitated.